The Psychology of Forced Exhalation

The ‘Forced Exhalation’ technique, which is also known as ‘Kapaal Bhaati’ (Kapaal= Forehead, Bhaati = Glow) has taken India by a storm in last 5 years, thanks to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. This technique has cured people of many diseases and it very quickly cures constipation and all disorders related to digestive tract. It is very helpful in making you exempt from depression. Let us discuss about the Psychology behind this practice.iso 45003

All of us have fear ingrained in our genetic code. The fear of getting extinguished as a species. This fear in our bodies causes us to do all that we do to survive. The pain is also there to help us protect our bodies. Our psyches are programmed for holding things and not for’ letting go’. All through our lives we try to hold this or that. We try to hold possessions, money, relatives and friends. We are almost always afraid of change, knowing well in full that change is inevitable. Even with breath it is all the same. We hold breath because we are afraid. If you observe your breathing, when you are afraid and you have to fight, you will come to know that you inhale more deeply and try to hold.

This is true for death as well. You have to ‘let go’ in death; you have to let go of everything. The diseases are in a way psychological and their counterparts are present in physical body. You are fat because you do not let fat go. You are holding extra energy. You get many diseases because of this unnecessary accumulation.

Constipation is one such accumulation. You might reflect on the connection between constipation, death and fear. They are all too deeply connected. If fear disappears many diseases also do, especially constipation. You do not know, but at a deeper level, constipation arises because you are holding the toxins and not letting them go. If the fear of death is eradicated (which is very difficult thing to do) you not only attain instant psychological health but also come to see the manifestations of the same in your body.

By way of forced exhalation, what you are actually accomplishing is, making yourself reverse the aforementioned conditioning of fear. If you keep on exhaling forcefully you are ‘letting go’ of fear and gaining courage by

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