Playing Sports and Succeeding in Business – Why They Often Go Together

I will admit it right upfront. In business, I tend to be partial to colleagues, associates or partners that have a background in playing sports. Or, at the very least, I tend to gravitate towards them. Why?UFABET Because I believe, based on my own experience and those of so many other people I know, that […]

How to Choose Between a Self-Drive Vs Escorted Tour

A traveler torn between choosing to self-drive OR take an escorted tour once said, “My only concern is we would be driving and passing by points of interest and not even know that we should stop and take a look.” darwin escorts Yes, that is true. The highly acclaimed travel writer Paul Theroux distinguished travelers […]

Logistics Software is the Ideal Solution For Shipping Optimization

When a shipping company invests in logistics solutions, its main goal is to achieve shipping optimization, which focuses on expediting the shipping process while driving down its cost. But it’s important to realize that the cost of a logistics solution is also part of the cost of the shipping process. To achieve freight optimization, shipping […]